A month in the Philippines

I can honestly say one of the most eye-opening experiences in my whole life so far was when I traveled in the Philippines this beautiful country has some jaw dropping views with vibrant cities and isolate countrysides it has something for everyone. It goes from one extreme to another with expensive high-end shopping malls, restaurants and hotels to poverty and people who have next to nothing. But one thing Filipinos do have are smiles I’ve never meet such a polite and cheerful bunch of people before and i will definitely be returning.

I started my journey in the capital Manila which is massively populated with shopping malls and high-rise buildings and you’ll never be stuck on where to eat or drink there are hundreds of restaurants and bars to choose from. It was easy to travel around either by a jeepney or taxi. One of my favorite experiences of the whole journey was helping to give food out to the local children and there families, they were so grateful and even sang me a little song after.

After Manila I traveled to Boracay a tiny island that is very popular with tourists as you can imagine with the views, activities and nightlife. I only stayed there for two days so I can’t say I experienced everything Boracay has to offer but I enjoyed it very much. The beach was gorgeous and the locals sculpt names out of the sand which is very impressive. The way I saw a lot of the island in a short period of time was to go parasailing which was incredible and definitely something to tick off my bucket list.

My next stop was Cebu which again was beautiful, compared to my previous stops i can’t say i did very much here apart from spend time with family who live there and catching up with friends. I did manage to have a wander around the variety of different shops and experience the Cebu nightlife.

My Final stop before my journey’s end was Bohol this was where I saw the worst poverty mainly made up of countryside Bohol frequently gets hit by floods as well as the Philippines in general. During my time there i visited various places including chocolate hills which looks unreal. The hills are so vibrant and there’s so many of them it was breathtaking to see and the insanely cute and tiny tarsiers.

Well this is my experience of a month in the Philippines i can safely say i will definitely be returning to explore more of the 7000 islands that the Philippines has to offer. Feel free to contact me with any comments or questions that you have on my social media :).

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