5 places to visit in Launceston, Tasmania

Launceston is a beautiful city in northern Tasmania with loads of things to do and places to see. Whether your into walking, nature, history or food and drink theirs something to suit everyone. It is easy to get around with car/camper van rentals  next to the airport and the prices are fairly reasonable. I hired a camper van for 12 days from bargain car rentals. https://www.bargaincarrentals.com.au/

Cataract Gorge

With less than 5 minutes away from the centre of Launceston by car it’s easily accessible with various walks and views. When i visited they had just been hit by a flood and the water was crashing down from the river which made for some terrific views. You will often see peacocks wandering around near the cafe too just minding their own business they seem unfazed by people taking pictures of them but be sure to not have the flash on. The gorge also has the scenic chairlift which is great and enables you to see the gorge from a different view and see more at the same time, you can pay for one way or there and back. I went one way and then walked down to the suspension bridge this can get quite busy at times but i was lucky as it was quiet. Then i set off on the sentinel lookout and duck reach trail.

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The trail was a bit steep at parts but the path was well maintained and the walk was well sign posted. Reaching the sentinel lookout the view was incredible and if your afraid of heights it might take you a while to walk out onto the lookout the platform is all corrugated which you can see straight through but the views will be worth it. Walking further round I came to the power station which you can walk through and see all the history of the station with videos and photos to view. For difficulty i would rate this walk as 2.5/5 this is mainly because your on a footpath for most of the time and the signposts ensure you don’t get lost. IMG_0111

Monkeys in the park 

The last thing you expect to see in a city center park is monkeys but that’s exactly what you’ll see in Launceston city park. As well as the beautiful surroundings of the park the main attraction is the monkeys which are in an enclosure with glass panels all the way around for an easy viewing. While its nice for children to see them I did feel a little uncomfortable, in my opinion they were a lot of them in such a small enclosure. If this doesn’t suit you the park offers a lot more to see including the John Hart conservatory filled with beautiful and vibrant flowers and plants. The park itself is very family friendly with activities for everyone and is definitively worth a visit. IMG_0843


Tamar Valley 

Tamar Valley is a must for any lover of wineries and vineyards starting off in Launceston the 60km journey takes you through the tranquil and beautiful wineries that Tasmania has to offer. The journey starts and finishes in Launceston going through George town and Beauty point along the way. For more details visit discover tasmania. http://www.discovertasmania.com.au/what-to-do/self-drive/tamarvalley

James Boag’s Brewery

Although this isn’t in my interests I know of people who have been and they really enjoyed it. James Boag’s brewery not far from Launceston city centre is the perfect place for beer lovers. The tour is a chance to have a look around at the brewery and have a few tasters at the end. http://tasbeertrail.com/brewers/boags-brewery/

Evandale Market

Just on the outskirts of Launceston is Evandale a small village that has a market on Sundays just past the airport it is a diverse market filled with stalls from antiques, clothes, books, fruit and other food stalls enough to cater to everyone. There is a small fee for parking at the market. If you’ve had enough of the market make sure to check out the water tower as your leaving .


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