My 1st Wainwright walk – Loughrigg Fell

Loughrigg Fell (335m) was my first Wainwright walk and it did not disappoint. With only a short distance from Grasmere and Ambleside theirs many different starting points to choose from.After staying at a hostel in Elterwater and having a wander around Grasmere I started my walk at Grasmere Lake, walking along the A591 I cut through and onto the footpath with Grasmere lake on my right.  I crossed over the bridge at the River Rothay and started my ascent up to Loughrigg Fell it was a beautiful day and quite a easy-ish walk. As I made my way further up the views became more and more stunning with the whole of Grasmere lake to gaze at. 93785

Once the path had leveled off, I turned right and carried on along the path unlike other Wainwrightsthis one is easy to follow as the paths are easily visible. As I carried on the path overlooking Grasmere Lake I started on the 2nd ascent up to Loughrigg again the path was easy to follow and it was a little bit steep but I think it’s fairly reasonable for an inexperienced or non-walker to do. The view at the top made it all worth while and I had a stunning day too beautiful sunshine and I even caught a little bit of sun tan. I came back down the same way because I was stuck for time but I would have loved to of gone on further.

I’m glad I decided to choose Loughrigg Fell as my first Wainwright walk and I will definitely be continuing to complete more Wainwright walks in the future. For some basic information to anyone who is interested in the Wainwright walks, there are 214 Wainwrights (I know theirs a lot). Getting the name by Alfred Wainwright an avid walker who adored the Lake District so much that he mapped the area and made numerous guides. For more in-depth information a good website is


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