3 Places to visit in York

York is a beautiful place to visit and very diverse with something for everyone of all ages and I really enjoyed my time here. From shops to museums and of course York Minster it’s a great city to visit.

York Minster 

York Minster is a very popular tourist hotspot with guests from all over the world visiting. York Minster is one of the most stunning cathedrals I’ve visited so far, the stained-glass windows are a work of art as well as the whole cathedral its self. Tourist opening times for the minster are 9:00am-5:00pm (last entry). Unlike years ago when they just asked for a donation to visit the cathedral you now have to pay an admission fee. For the minster only the price is £10:00 or for both the minster and the tower the price is £15:00 these tickets a valid for 12 months (prices are for a standard adult ticket). If you don’t want to go into the minster you can still get the stunning view it has to offer in Dean’s park which is located right outside the minster and is an ideal spot for a nice relaxing and quiet atmosphere but I imagine this can get quite busy in the summer months. A good website to visit for more in-depth information is https://yorkminster.org/home.html

The Shambles

The shambles is a another great tourist hotspot located in the city centre. The long and narrow street is filled with quirky little shops and cafe’s. The street itself is centuries old as you can tell from the over hanging timber-framed buildings, this just makes it even more appealing and unique. I might sound like a bit of a nerd but my favorite shop in the shambles was “The shop that must not be named” which as you can guess is a Harry Potter shop. Its only small inside but still a great little place to visit for a fan of the series I was lucky to visit on a quiet day but I can imagine it to get really busy.


National Railway Museum 

The National railway museum is great for people who know and love their trains, as well as just a fun day out (good to do if its bad weather as its inside too). I will admit if I hadn’t been with my family I probably wouldn’t have visited but I’m glad i did, they have a wide collection of locomotives to look at, a gift shop and cafe’s if you feel peckish. It really has everything you need for an enjoyable day out and with free entry whats not to love. For opening times and more information visit http://www.nrm.org.uk/


I know this blog post was very short, unfortunately I didn’t have enough time to see all that York has to offer but i will defiantly be returning in the future. The attractions, bars, restaurants and the history of York is what puts this place on the map.



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