Forerunner 25 – Review

Forerunner 25 is the first GPS running watch I have ever brought and it is a fairly reliable watch. I mainly use it for running and keeping track of my daily steps. The free garmin connect app makes it easy to keep track of daily steps, distance ran or walked throughout the day and of course time. The calendar lets you back track previous days/weeks/months to improve your future runs or steps and I think it helps to keep you motivated as you want to increase and improve your previous days.

For running the forerunner 25 has 6 different run modes to choose from

  1. ‘basic’ which is as it sounds it just lets you know how far you’ve run and the time (this is the mode I generally use)
  2. ‘Run/walk’ mode which lets you pick how long you want to run and walk for, which I think is good for building up your stamina. For example you could increase the time for running and decrease the time for walking. Or improve on your sprinting and take breaks of walking.
  3. ‘Virtual Pacer’ where you can set your time for what you want to achieve each mile, for example if you want to run 11:00 minutes a mile simply press the down arrow until you reach 11 then press the button above it to save it.
  4. ‘time’ which is simple you just set how long you want to run for and off you go, maybe you could set a specific time and try to beat how far you go on the 2nd time, the watch will beep once you have reached your time.
  5. ‘Distance’ again very simple just set how far you want to go, you can choose 5k, 10k, half marathon, marathon or customise your own in either miles or k.
  6. ‘Calories’ this mode lets you set how many calories you want to burn in your run and beeps once you have met this.

Although I have never used the forerunner inside it does have an indoors option for a treadmill, to me it seems very similar to the basic mode the only difference is that obviously there is no GPS involved.

Other features of the forerunner are you can look at the history of your runs, daily steps and records without linking it to the Garmin Connect app. You can also link it up to your phone with Bluetooth to get notifications of any calls or texts you receive which I think is pretty cool. You can set your own goals for example 10,000 steps a day or run 50 miles a month it’s very good for getting you motivated and keeping you going. You can also set alarms and have move alerts which beeps if you’ve been still for too long.

However, I think there are a couple of drawbacks about the forerunner 25 but nothing major. When you set a time for running it only goes up in 5’s for the minutes, for example if I wanted 1 hour 22 minutes I would only be able to do 1 hour 20 minutes or 1 hour 25 minutes, Not a big problem but it would still be nice to do. Also, I don’t know if it’s just mine but its taking longer and longer for my forerunner to link to the GPS, when I first got it about 6 months ago it linked up straight away but now I have to put the GPS on about 5/10 minutes before I start to run and its the same when I sync it to my garmin connect app on my phone, It still works ok though once its connected.

Overall I think the  Forerunner 25 is simple to use (trust me if I can use it then anyone can). The move alert is good for keeping you active and getting your daily steps up, but don’t worry you can turn this alert off if you wish. Another great thing is I can backtrack on the calendar previous days and runs and also set challenges like achieving 50 miles a month. The main screen tells you obviously the time but also the date, how many steps you’ve done so far, what the steps are in miles/k, what your goal for the day is, how many calories you’ve burned so far and how much battery you have. The battery lasts quite a long time bearing in mind that the more runs you do the more battery it will use because of the GPS. I would recommend this watch to others, it’s a great forerunner to buy for your first one very easy to use and its comfortable to wear which is a must for me. You can also choose to light up the screen by pressing the button on the side which is great if you need to check the time in the dark.


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