Anna dressed in blood – Book Review


Anna dressed in blood is a fiction book by the author Kendare Blake based on the life of Cas Lowood a boy who moves around a lot with his mother in search of ghosts that are haunting and killing the living. He is walking in the footsteps of his father who died (I don’t want to tell you too much) when he younger. His mother is aware of what Cas is doing and Cas refers to his mother as a ‘mobile witch’ who does tarot card readings, aura cleansing and sells occult supplies.

The book is mainly focused on a girl(ghost) called Anna in Thunder Bay, Ontario who has killed 27 teenagers according to the locals but there has never been any bodies. The general tale is that Anna was the daughter of Finnish immigrants whose father died of some sort of disease and her mother ran a boarding house. The night that Anna died she was on her way home from a school dance when someone cut her throat, they suspected a pervert or a jealous boyfriend and ever since she has been killing anyone that has entered her house. However Cas immediately thinks there’s more too it and I got that feeling to while reading it.

I don’t want to tell you too much but once Cas has visited and seen Anna he starts to realize the real reasons as to why all them teenagers died and that maybe Anna isn’t the villain he thought she was.

This book really had me surprised, I don’t usually go for books that look gory (I know, you should never judge a book by its cover, oops) but I’m glad I choose to still read it. At the beginning you think that Anna is going to be portrayed as the villain of the story but as the book carries on you soon realise that Anna is actually the victim and the people responsible for her death she knew well.

I like how the author didn’t leave all the exciting drama till the end of the book, straight away as soon as Cas and the gang of local teens decide to go see ‘Anna dressed in blood’ it gets quite intense real quick (don’t worry no spoilers, not yet). I also like that Kendare Blake didn’t portray Cas to be this heartless and unfazed boy, that even though he hunts and kills ghosts for a living he can still show to have emotions and be affected by what’s happening around him.

As the book continues you find out exactly what happened to Anna the night she died and I like how they don’t just tell you she died because of such a body but the book has a flashback leading up to her death which really grips you and makes you feel like your watching the death unfold.

SPOILER ALERT: The ending had me shocked I was really hoping for a happy ending for Anna and Cas as you can tell how much they care for one another, When Anna drags the Obeahman and herself down into wherever they end up, some sort of ‘purgatory’ I would imagine. You realise how much Anna cares for Cas and how she didn’t want anything to harm him or the others so she sacrificed herself in order to save them all. It was a very good cliffhanger for the book and I’m glad that Kendare Blake has done a book 2 that I haven’t read yet but I definitely will. The follow on from Anna dressed in blood is Girl of Nightmare where we find what has happened to Anna and if Cas can save her. I would certainly recommend this book to fellow readers and overall I would give this book a 9/10 a very enjoyable read.

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